About Me

I am a semi-retired English teacher on a journey to discover her next purpose in life.

I have been married over thirty years to the man I met the first day I arrived on the campus of Gettysburg College.  We have raised three independent, responsible children and recently became a part of the "empty nest" generation.  We have since added a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter to the mix, and we look forward to welcoming new members as the future unfolds.  Family is of utmost importance and I am indeed blessed.

I was a French and Political Science major, but spent most of my early "career" as a Stay-at-Home-Mom.  In 2001 I was literally called to teach sixth grade, but quickly discovered an interest in teaching English.  I have taught a variety of classes over these past twelve years, but my most favorite have been British Literature and English Composition.  Through working on a Masters for recertification, I discovered a latent desire to write, which has only continued to grow into a full-fledged passion.  I have not quite settled on a particular genre or audience, but I am finding great joy in the writing process.

In addition to writing, I also have a passion for paper crafts, such as scrapbooking and card making, travel, especially to New York City, London, and Paris, and photography.  Taking snapshots of family memories has always been a priority for me … but it has only been within the last three years that I have begun to use the camera in a more purposeful way.  It is my desire to hone the craft of writing and photography so that I may soon marry them together as I travel the world, recording not only the activities and sights, but the emotional connection to the people and landscape.

Welcome to my Spiritual Journey ….

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