Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 10: November 10, 2013

Sweet Aromas

Perhaps some might question whether this is a blessing, but bear with me….

For many years I lived my life in a vacuum - focused on work and not making time for the joy-filled aspects of life.  My head was either staring straight ahead at a computer screen - or the traffic in front of me.  I did not look up nor sideways.  I did not pay attention to the other sensory details around me, like sounds or smells.  I rarely listened to music - preferring the silence to help me focus - and I never considered lighting a candle.  Enticing those other senses seemed so silly - such a waste of time and money.

There is a saying "All work and no play makes Molly a very dull girl" and it is truth.  I was one-dimensional and very close to burn out.  I have a good friend who burns candles all the time - all over her house.  I love going there - I love the pleasant aroma that transforms an ordinary house into a welcoming home.  So...I began to buy fragrant candles, but never seemed to light them.  I have no idea why.  Was I victim of scarce mentality - if I lit them and used them up I would have no more candles?  Or was I afraid I might forget to blow them out before bed and burn down the house?  I have no idea… but candles were not for me.

But this summer I was introduced to tartlets and electric warmers.  The scent is strong and wafts through the entire house; there is no flame, so the danger of an accidental fire is greatly reduced.  And since the tarts last about ten hours, I can easily change fragrances with my mood, rather than having to wait to use an entire candle before trying a new scent.

Today the Yankee Candle store had a half price sale on these lovely tarts, and I took full advantage.  I purchased tarts that will remind me of fall and Thanksgiving, as well as those that will carry me through the Christmas season and winter months.  I even treated myself to this new holiday warmer.

I now breathe slower and deeper.  I allow the soft sounds of music, whether classical, jazz or Mumford and Sons, penetrate my thoughts and enrich my focused attention.  I light a tart and recognize the faint smell of cinnamon or peppermint or hazelnut which allows me to enjoy the mood rather than ignore its existence.  I am learning that life is made full and complete as we engage all of our senses… and I desire to make even the most mundane task enjoyable by adding a few simple pleasures to life.

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  1. We are so much alike in this respect that it' s almost eerie. I still don't listen to music, and I still don't burn candles, tho I have 30-40 Tyler candles in a drawer. I burn one about twice a year. I love their scent, so why won't I burn them?