Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15: November 15, 2013

Young and Carefree

I took my granddaughter to her gymnastics lesson today and I thought there might be an opportunity for photos.  I was right.  I took about 200 pictures (she was the only one in the class, so that was helpful)... deleted 110... and found about 20 worth editing.  While this is not the best photo of the bunch, it is the most significant.

We can learn a lot about life by watching a 2.5 year old.  Every day is an adventure and Brynn can find joy everywhere she looks:  while driving in the car she carries on a conversation with sun, Hi sun... it's me, Brynn!  She listens intently for any sound, whether it be a bird in a tree, a plane in the air, or a baby crying in the restaurant.   And she never tires of reading the same books or watching the same movies.

Toddlers have not yet learned to be jaded or cynical.  They are trusting and trustworthy.  They may have fears, but they do not allow fears to dominate their life.  Watching Brynn go through the various routines I couldn't help but think that she has no care how she looks to anyone else... she just wants to have fun.  She isn't concerned if she is doing it perfectly, and what others might think or say behind her back... she just tries.  And she hasn't learned to compare herself to others - wondering if she is good enough or if she just doesn't quite measure up.  She is only concerned with her own performance.  She doesn't chastise herself for making a mistake, and she doesn't quit if she is having a bad day.  In fact, Brynn does not know the concept of a bad day.  All days are good.

And so I chose this picture because to me it symbolizes all that can be learned from a two year old.  She confidently walked up to the bar, which was nearly as tall as she, pulled herself up, flipped over - and with a smile on her face said, Olly, I see you! and completed the turn.  She was not concerned if she might fall.  She was not concerned with a less than perfect score.  She didn't care if she looked a little silly with her hair out of place.  She just lived in the moment.

I desire to add a bit more carefree to my everyday life and constantly be aware of the joy all around.

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