Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9: November 9, 2013

My Puppies

All who know me are fully aware that I am grateful for my puppies.  They are my constant companions and I talk about them as I talk about my children.

We currently have three:  two yellow labs and the bassett.  Ralf was outside at the time, keeping my husband company on the patio, but Jude and Feeny were more than willing to try to pose for treats.  I obviously have a long ways to go in my pet photography skills (for example, they need to be closer…) but this photo does capture their personalities.

Jude is sweet, kind, and the constant cuddlier.  He thinks he is a lap dog, and would be, if he did not weigh as much I do.  He was one of the puppies in the our last litter (we had a total of three litters) and is Ralf's son.

We inherited Feeny; he is actually our "grand dog" and while he is also sweet and kind, he is still very much a puppy and a bit rambunctious.  Bassets have entirely different personalities than labs.  Labs are pleasers, and if they detect any negative intonation in your voice, or even a furrowed eyebrow, they will immediately try to rectify the problem.  Bassets, on the hand, are oblivious to these subtle clues.  They are of the opinion that any attention is good, and will continue with the inappropriate behavior just to get the reaction.  Feeny is learning how to properly behave, however, and I simply cannot resist those adorable eyes, floppy ears, and knobby little legs.

I have said for several years now that I am going to someday write a book about the lessons in unconditional love I have learned from my dogs.  They are quick to forgive and never hold a grudge.  I could leave the house for five minutes and they will greet me when I return as if I left days before.  We may not speak the same language, but we definitely communicate with one another - not just simple commands like "sit" or "kennel" … but they can sense when I have had a difficult day and seem willing to give a snuggle, or I can sense when they are anxious to go outside and chase the squirrels.

There are times when having three dogs can be a tad inconvenient … like daylight savings time and they don't realize we can sleep an extra hour, or when we travel for longer than a couple of days and need to secure doggie day care… but mostly they are terrific companions, a vital part of the family, and indeed, our best friends.

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